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The mission of Rabbits Unlimited, Ltd. is to raise money for the goal of finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and providing support for those living with MS. Donations raised through the Rabbits Unlimited, Ltd. annual fundraising event, held in southeastern Wisconsin, have contributed to MS research, assistance programs for individuals affected by MS, and scholarships. Many people who organize and participate in the fundraising event know family and friends that have been affected MS, so the cause is close to the hearts of those involved with this fundraiser.


In 2002, the event began as a family rabbit hunt on a Saturday morning. Afterwards, family and friends gathered together in a garage where a few small raffles took place throughout the day. That day $400 was raised, and the group decided to donate the funds to the MS Society in honor of family and friends who have been affected by the disease. The Bell family is at the core of the fundraiser, and has been passionate about contributing to MS research since the disease took the lives of two family members, Marge and Rich (daughter and son of Don and Eileen Bell).

Today’s Fundraising Events

Today the spirit of the first rabbit hunt fundraiser continues, with a group of dedicated family and friends coming together to raise money to find a cure for MS. The fundraising event includes an afternoon of raffles, prizes, games, and auctions, and has grown to include more than 500 attendees dedicated to finding a cure for MS. The fundraiser is open to all, and both hunters and non-hunters enjoy the day.

Due to the generous donations of attendees, the amount raised by this fundraising event continues to grow each year, with the majority of funds raised through the afternoon’s events like raffles, games and live and silent auctions. In 2023, the event raised more than $100,000. The current focus of the donations is on Progressive MS research, including developing new treatments for Progressive MS and improving quality of life for those living with Progressive MS. From the event’s beginning in 2002 to 2023, Rabbits Unlimited, Ltd. has donated over $810,000 for this cause.

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Event Details and More Information

  • Hunting: Teams of three hunters may register to take part in an optional free-range rabbit hunt. Each individual hunter adheres to the Wisconsin state small game hunting regulations, including hunting on permitted property and maintaining the daily limit of three rabbits. Hunters then travel to the event space to check in and register any game they obtained. Registered hunting teams receive entrance to the event. Hunters may either choose to keep their rabbits or the rabbit meat is donated to a local fundraiser that raises money for youth programs including hunter safety programs.
  • Firearms Raffles: Of the 200+ prizes that are offered for the raffles and auctions at the event, about 20 firearms are included as prices. Any individual that wins a firearm through a raffle or auction must successfully complete a federal background check on site before the gun is registered to that individual. There is licensed FFL dealer on site during the event to conduct the background checks for individuals that win a firearm during the event and issue gun transfers for the legal firearms won by participants.


To request more information regarding media coverage, please contact info@rabbitsunlimited.org.

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Rabbits Unlimited is a nonprofit 501(c3) dedicated to raising funds for the goal of finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

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